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Moving page layout in Notion

    In this tutorial you will learn how to preserve page rows and columns while moving Notion content around your pages

    In Notion, you can’t just move around the page your columns and rows. They are not preserved on moving or pasting. This means that this layout:

    transforms into this, if moved or pasted:

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    So how to keep the layout? Here is the guide.

    How to move your content layout in Notion?

    1. Add a divider to separate content that doesn’t need to be moved
    2. Add an empty block above the content that needs to be moved
    3. Transform this empty block into Toggle Heading 1. This pushes the content up to the divider into the empty toggle heading. The layout is preserved
    4. Move this heading to where you want to place your layout
    5. Transform the heading into text
    6. Delete the empty block above the layout