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Custom Fonts and Font Sizes in Notion

    In this tutorial you will learn how to change fonts and its sizes in Notion

    In Notion, on each page, you can choose from three types of fonts:

    However, in addition to these three, there are 4 more fonts you can use in eny text blocks (including headings, callouts, etc.):

    Another cool feature is that you can dramatically change font size from tiny to huge:

    How to use custom fonts in Notion?

    1. Type the text you want to change
    2. Select it and turn it into an equation
    3. Surround the text with curly braces
    4. To change the font, type one of the commands at the beginning: \textrm, \textbf, \textsf, \texttt

    You should end up with something like this

    \textsf {Another font}

    Here you can see how all the four fonts look like:

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    How to change font size

    To change the font size, type one of the commands:

    • \tiny
    • \scriptsize
    • \footnotesize
    • \small
    • \normalsize
    • \large
    • \Large
    • \LARGE
    • \huge
    • \Huge

    You can change both the font itself and its size at the same time. Then the size command should come first:

    \LARGE \textbf {Aother font, aother size...}

    How to combine custom font, size, text color, and background color?

    To use custom fonts, text size, color and background color in one block, you must follow the order.

    1. Size
    2. Text color
    3. Text background color
    4. Font + text content, both surrounded with curly brackets
    \Huge \color{blue} \colorbox{D30000} {\textsf {Completely new text}}