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Pages: where your blocks reside

    In this lesson, we will talk more about pages in Notion

    (there is a video at the end)

    Pages are where any of your blocks are located. In this case, the page itself may be a block and lie on another page, or it may not be one.

    The block with the page is called Page and is at the very beginning of the list:

    A tree of nested pages. Look at the breadcrumbs top left. By the way, there is a separate block for this line, Breadcrumb):

    This is the path from the top page to the current one. Each subsequent page “lies” like a block on the previous one. Only the first one is not a block. It is the first-level page and lies in the sidebar.

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    Pages in the sidebar. The sidebar contains your main, top-level pages. They have subpages; those have sub-subpages, and so on. Click on the triangle next to the page name to see the subpages.

    Page creation. There are several ways to create a page.

    • Page as a block. Call up the block list and select the Page block. Or click next to any block with text information (text, title, list, etc.) and select Turn intoPage
    • Page in the sidebar. Through the + sign above the list of pages or the + New page button at the bottom

    Page layout. A page can have an icon and a cover.

    Icons help to visually distinguish pages from other blocks:

    To assign an icon to a page, hover over the page title and select Add icon. You can select an emoji, upload an image or specify a link to the image. If you don’t know what to choose, set a random emoji. If you want to remove an icon, click Remove:

    The cover sets the mood for the page but takes up space and pushes the page content down:

    To set a cover, click Add cover above the page title. As with the icon, several options are available:

    • choose from the gallery
    • upload
    • add from the Unsplash free photo service

    You can remove the cover using the Remove button, and move the visible image using the Reposition button.

    Page comments. On the page, you can discuss its content. To do this, click Add comment above the page title. We will later look closely at all types of communications in Notion.

    Page transfer. Pages can be dragged and dropped into other pages. And this can be done with the pages on the sidebar. So a 1st level page can become a block page and vice versa.

    Video tutorial: