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Lists in Notion: add some hierarchy to your stuff

    In this lesson, you will learn about lists in Notion (there is a video at the end)

    Lists are needed to organize the same type of information. You are probably already familiar with them from other applications. Here are the four types of lists available in Notion

    Quick List Creation:

    • Unordered list. Type in a new line minus: -, space
    • Numbered list. Type in a new line one with a dot: 1., space
    • Tu-doo list. Type two square brackets on a new line: [], space
    • Toggle list. Type a “greater than” sign in the new line: >, space

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    You can also turn any text blocks into lists through Turn into.

    Indenting. By pressing Tab, you can move any block in Notion to the right. In practice, this operation is most often useful when creating nested lists. You can also drag any block below the list so that the blue line is broken – then the block will take the corresponding indent.

    In the illustration, we transfer the text block to transfer block under the 2nd level list:

    Content in toggle lists. If such a list is expanded, any block or selection can be dragged under it. If it is collapsed, the blocks can be dragged onto it and dropped. They will be added to the bottom of the list item’s content.

    Line break without creating a new item. Sometimes you need to move to a new line without making a new item. Just hold Shift before pressing Enter.

    Video tutorial: