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Blocks in Notion: base bricks to build anything

    In this lesson, you will get acquainted with the blocks, which are the content elements of the page (there is a video at the end)

    Pages can consist not only of text but of pictures, videos, links to websites, and many other types of content. Each such piece of content on a page is called a block.

    Creation of blocks. The easiest way to create any block is to select it from the menu. Here’s how to bring up this menu:

    • Through a pop-up + sign to the left of any block, for example, text. The new block will appear below
    • By typing / anywhere in the text. If this is the beginning of the text, then the block will appear in the same place. If / is typed after some text on a line, then the new block will appear on a new line

    Create blocks through keyboard shortcuts and special characters. For example, for a level 1 heading, you can press Ctrl+Shift+1 (similarly for level 2 and 3 headings).

    How to find a block? You can scroll the list down to block needed. Or you can start typing part of its name (not even the beginning). For example, for a second-level heading, type “2”. It will appear at the very top:

    The main types of blocks. There are already several dozen blocks in total. Here are examples of commonly used blocks:

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    Some blocks are very easy to create:

    • Text. Just start typing
    • Image. Drag the image from the device or paste it
    • Video from YouTube. Paste the link and select Embed video
    • Website bookmark. Insert the link and select Create bookmark

    Empty line. Every time you click below the bottommost block on the page, an empty text string will appear. It also appears if you press Enter while typing.

    Transformation of text blocks. Text blocks can be turned into one another. Click on , then Turn into and select a new block type, for example, Heading 3:

    Selecting blocks. Hold the left mouse button on an empty space, on the side of the block, or between them. A blue box will appear. It can be used to select one or more blocks for moving or deletion.

    Moving blocks. To move a block, position the mouse cursor to its left, and a rectangle of 6 points will appear (⠿). Grab it. The blue bar will show you where the block will land:

    Deleting blocks. Having selected a block or several, you can delete it with the Backspace or Delete keys. You can also delete a block by clicking on and choosing Delete.

    Block cloning. You can easily create copies of a block or selected blocks. Hold the Alt key (Option for Mac), click on and drag the blocks to a new location. You will see a blue line (or a blue highlight if you drop, for example, into another page) – a copy of the blocks will appear exactly in this place.

    Video tutorial