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Introduction to Notion

    In this lesson, you will learn about pages, workspaces, and the sidebar

    So, you have begun acquaintance with the Notion application, a convenient tool for organizing your notes, documents, and tasks. Let’s look around.

    Pages. If you’re just getting started with Notion, your first page will look something like this:

    Notion Getting Started Page

    Without going into details, let’s clear the page.

    1. Select all the content in the central part of the screen (Ctrl+A) and delete (Del)
    2. Hover over the titles on the left side of the screen, starting with Quick note, hover over •••, and then Delete
    3. Press Enter or click on the Empty option that appears under the heading
    4. Hover over the words in the left pane, starting with Quick Notes, click on ••• and then Delete. Repeat until you remove them all

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    Video tutorial:

    After that, we will have a page ready for use:

    Notion Getting Started clean page

    So, we are on the page. It has a title, “Getting Started”. The space below is the body of the page.

    Everything we will do in Notion – write text, insert pictures or videos – will happen on the page. You can think of a Notion page as a website page.

    Workspace. All pages are organized into so-called Workspaces. You can see its name in the upper left corner of the screen:

    Continuing the analogy, a workspace is like a separate website with its pages. We will talk about workspaces in more detail later.

    Sidebar. The left side of the screen, where the name of the workspace is located, is called the sidebar:

    It contains valuable things like a quick search, settings, and a list of your pages. We will cover this another time.

    Breadcrumbs. Next to the name of the sidebar, you see a navigation bar, something like this:

    Breadcrumbs help to navigate through nested pages. We will cover this in the “Pages” lesson.

    Page management. On the right are the page controls: Share, Discussions, Updates, and Favorite (“page quick access”), as well as three dots ••• with page settings. At the bottom right is a question mark with Notion references and resources: